About (Not-Pro)

This is the personal version of the about me.

This is my site, and I have been the singular owner of greencat for a good decade+ now. I am a writer, cat-lover, dreamer of dreams, wearer of hats. According to people who know me well, my posting niche tends to be “geeky (I’m sure that doesn’t narrow it down) and/or crafty, my cat, and occasionally food”.

I believe it is an appropriate disclaimer to say anything shared, rambled upon, or linked to on my personal sites, Facebook, Twitter, TrendySocialMediaoftheSeason is entirely of my own doing and does not represent any employer past/present/future. This has always been the case but sometimes the distinction for people gets a little fuzzy.

Frankly though, if someone only follows me because of where I work, they get bored very fast. Also, I don’t like talking about work all the time, because I end up boring myself. Seriously, have you seen my Twitter feed? It’s all otters, baseball, pictures of things (occasionally food) in-jokes, clever RTs, and my cat. If you want work stuff, I insist you go check out the work feeds – if I retweet a work thing, I assure you I am very proud about it for some reason or another – like that time Nanocrafter won a social media award (#asyoudo).

Truthfully, my job keeps me busy (by the way, I am actually pretty sorry for not making your “latest thing” or being behind on the world), and my need for controversial opinion giving is mostly non-existent (no one cares, no one’s mind gets changed). Please realize I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things. If you read deep between the lines, you may find an opinion, or you may find a cat wrapped up like a burrito. It can go either way!

I will say though, I do pass judgment on the wanton display of bad manners on public transit, how the local transit system does and does not perform, and the dangers of being a pedestrian.

This is also the last thing I keep updated, only because I love the feel of ink on paper.

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